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Product Description

Screen changers are used for filtering contaminants in the melt which it can damage the pelletizer nd also will downgrade the quality of final material.Using the latest technology to work in heavy conditions for long years and completely manufactured from special hardened steel.

    • Screen changers with different diameters are used according to extruder’s capacity. It has double Filtration area that’s makes nonstop production while changing the fitler.
    • Pressure sensor that on Screen Changer will provide an alarm systgem to wam operator to change or clean the fitler.
    • Screen can be manufactured between Ø100mm and Ø350mm
    • There is 4 piecez of cartridge heaters in Filter.
    • Filter is mounted on the cart for an easy transfer.
    • There is Hydraulic unit on.
    • Easy use control panel.
    • Extemal surface heaters are totally high quality ceramic insulated.