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Product Description

Shredders allow you to easily crash big jumbo bags, sacks, car tires, cables, Film, Ropes ext. Which are very hard to crush for Granulator. We can also use the shredder for pre crushing the materials before Graulator; this will extends life of the blades also increases Granulators life.

    • By easy rotating four edge cutting blades, you can extend the life of the blades.
    • Hard-facing weld made surfaces more durable against to metal wear.
    • Rotor has a water-cooled system. This system provides a more efficent shredding process by preventing the worm up the material.
    • Precision Ram unit moves by hydraulic system and Shredder comes with PLC electrical panle.
    • An extemally mounted bearing prevents the dust entering inside. Heavy-duty Bearings has a water-cooled system against to heat up.
    • With hydraulic system screen can be changed easily.
    • In the case of material jamming, there is a security system that stops the Rotor and runs reverse direction. If the jamming is persisting, then machine will stop automatically and warns the operator.