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Product Description

Crushing machines is one of the key machines used in Plastic Recycling line. Compact body design, special bearings and Powerful Rotor design extends the life of the machine.Plastic Crushing Machine components are positioned opposite each other’s angle, rotary and fixed blades with a scissors movement between breaks. In this way, equal-sized broken product is obtained. This prevents reduces quality of the plastics causing from heat and dust, also lowering the noise. This method lowers the energy consumption.

    • Crushing machines are produced starts from 100kg/hr up to 1500kg/hr
    • Crushing machines are produced sizes 40-50-60-70-80-100-120-150
    • Hydraulic units that controlled by electric panel, opens the upper part of the crasher, for blades can changed very easily.
    • Heavy-duty Bearings Absorbs easily, vibrations and shocks caused from crashing. Because the Vearing hosing placed separate from the crashing chamber, allows the material can be wet (washed) crashed.
    • According to material, there ara 3 kinds Flat, curved or V type Rotor.
    • Blades are heat treated hardened to 58 HRC
    • Material comes from Crasher transferred out with screw or pneumatically (blower)
    • Rotors are produce’s according to Type of crasher, that’sreduces energy consumption.
    • Screen can be changed easily.
    • Very strong and tuff chassis With MIG welding method, with vibration and shock-absorbing feet mounted on.
    • You can reach every point for cleaning and maintenance.
    • Need minimum maintenance during the service.
    • There are security switches during maintenance for maximum safety at work.