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Product Description

Complete recycling line is consisting of two parts. 1st part is WASHING LINE 2nd part is GRANULE LINE

First process starrs with washing line;All the plastics in environment are like PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE are contaminated with mud, dirt, and small metal particles. Order for as to have a quality granule, after crashingthem we need to clean, separate end dewatered this contamination well. All this process happens in first part of the Complete Recycling Line

Second process is starts with Granule Line ;After crashed, cleaned and dewatered materials will stored at Agglomeration silo. These clean plastic materials will tarnsfer pneumatically to Agglomeration machine with one button that placed on control panel. From Agglomeration machine, all the material will transfer to Extruder machine for next process. In Extruder Melted and degassed material turned in to a row plastic (Granule) material in pelletizer machine. Complete process will be finished after transfer these granules with blower to Granule Silo for sacks to be filled.